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Welcome to our blog! Here at Balehu we support local businesses because they build strong communities and link neighbors in a web of economic and social relationships. We also understand the struggles of owning a small business, and how it can be hard to connect with customers. Balehu’s mission is built on helping local businesses attract and engage with their customers. The first step is educating businesses to understand the dynamic of the local marketplace. This blog is here to support and teach businesses how to effectively connect and communicate with local customers. Our business is helping your business!

In addition to this Blog we have created FREE technology to help your local business. Just visit balehu.com to learn more and get started today!

Balehu promotions are visible though the Balehu mobile app, Twitter bot and website!

Here is everything we can offer your business:
  1. Save time and post directly to social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter.
  2. Receive detailed customer insight and analytics.
  3. Increase visibility with local search engine and bots.

Sometimes new technology can seem confusing, however Balehu is extremely easy to use!

Here is everything you can do on Balehu:
  1. Communicate to local customers.  Create custom content; deliver happy hours, promotions, flash sales, special events, deals and more.
  2. Target local customers on schedule. Have the flexibility to start and stop campaigns instantly.
  3. Choose what social channels to share information.  Have the ability to schedule posts for future dates and different locations.

We look forward to helping your business get started! For more information you can follow us through social media and visit us online! We look forward to promoting local business everywhere!

For questions or comments visit balehu.com or email us at info@balehu.com.

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