Bad Reviews Suck!

Bad reviews suck. But with a little marketing judo you can turn these vocal customers into diehard fans. It’s as simple as professionally ‘acknowledging’ what happened and ‘hearing’ their concern.Then avoid excuses and jump to explaining that this isn’t the norm, isn’t acceptable, and you would be grateful for the opportunity to personally make it up to them. Most people are surprised you responded at all and more than happy to give you a second chance. Make sure you’re promptly responding to every review, positive and negative, to show potential future customers that you care and will do right by them if they give you a chance too. It’s imperative that you’re registered on the top two review sites, Google and Yelp. You’ll also want to make sure you’re receiving email/text alerts any time a review comes in so you can promptly address it before it becomes a bigger issue.


A conversation is happening every day and putting your head in the sand like an ostrich may seem comfortable but it’s losing you customers.
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