How to Get Your Business on the Front Page of Every Paper in Town

Free media really is the best media. Do something newsworthy that makes reporters rabid and write about it they will. And when you do that cool thing, you’ll also be giving prospective customers the perfect excuse to come check you out.

Once you have ‘the’ idea, it’s time to research the email addresses or websites where news stories can be submitted for every online/print/television media outlet in your city (save this for later!). You can also submit your story to which many media professionals check. Most media sites have a contact option in their footer and you might even be able to google an email list of local media in your city. If your idea is time sensitive, give the press adequate notice so they can plan time to come see you between investigating ninja sightings and beauty pageant rivalries.

If you aren’t feeling creative, here are 7 press inducing ideas to get the wheels turning:

1. Frankenfood: Combine two things that don’t normally go together but people imagine would taste really good, like the legendary “Pho Burrito”. This can also be something that looks really cool, like dry ice desserts.

2. Do Good: Raise money or host a charity event for a cause that’s very important to your city right now. You’ll feel good and prospective customers will feel good supporting you.

3. Copy Other People: See what similar businesses in other cities (or countries) are doing that’s making people freak out (in a good way) and give it a try. Trending stories on social media are a good place to start.

4. Get in the Spirit: Find a way to tie the current season into a rare or noteworthy event, dish, contest, etc. Pumpkin catapult contest anyone? Local media is always after ways to talk about the current holiday. You might even make it on a few top 10 lists.

5. Make ’em Laugh: Tie in humor, maybe even connected to current events. Think of a hilarious dish, contest, “dress up as a burrito promo”, etc.

6. Steal Celebrity Mojo: Come up with a reason to invite a celebrity to visit your business, or just do it. Take photos/video and write about it (with permission of course). Invite the press or share your documentation after.

7. Study the Local Media: Read the media outlets you want to be featured in, figure out what type of content they’re looking for, and give them what they want.

Good luck and let us know your front page worthy idea in the comments!

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